Beekeeping in my family

Beekeeping has been part of my family for 100 years and we still have two of the old apiaries on our farm, one of which is 90 years old!  One is located near my home and the other, that my uncle built is at the end of the village.  This apiary my uncle left to me but unfortunately, my uncle died before he passed his beekeeping knowledge to me.  When I was in my second year at University, a swarm flew into one of the open hives and because I felt pity to leave the colony to die, I delivered them to my mentor, Mihu Rozmanu from Češnjice at Podnart.  He took care of this colony and then for my birthday he gave me back that colony plus two others.  He decided to give me 3 so that the one would not be bored!  This is how my beekeeping began.