Beekeeping tourism

Tucked in Selo village, a long walk or short drive from Bled, this fascinating countryside sight is worth for fans of the apicultural art.

Local beekeepers Blaž and Danijela Ambrožič has built an apiary (freestanding house of beehives) and teaches visitors all about this very Slovenian form of agriculture. First you’ll see hand  painted panels,work of Danijela and than you can see theirs prize possession a gigantic Winnie-the-Pooh-style hive that they transplanted from a tree trunk. Blaž or Danijela will demonstrate how you can hold your hand within inches of the buzzing hive without getting stung, thanks to the peaceful nature of the indigenous Carniolan bee. Inside, you can watch through a big (and safe) window as Blaž or Danijela pulls out the honeycomb frames from the hive and works with their bees. You’ll see the centrifuge device they used to safely extract honey from the comb. In another apiary is an “api-therapy” room, where a specially designed bunk bets where you can watch and listen to the mesmerizing bees without any danger of being stung. You can also sample (and buy) different types of honey and pollen, along with other bee-related gifts. Outside is a perennial garden that demonstrates when various plants blossom, providing much-needed pollen for the bees.